Acquisition | Valuation Analysis

What We Do . . .

Team RESE works with institutional and private investors wanting to buy or sell commercial real estate.  Weather you need a Broker Opinion of Value or to perform due diligence for a prospective acquisition, we’re able to provide a clear analysis of the property and market.  We offer extensive market knowledge and comprehensive reports to provide a clear picture of the market and asset.

Our team has specific market knowledge of southeastern properties with representatives in other markets.  We advise all types of investors ranging from private individuals to institutions.  These assets range from single tenant, multi-tenant shopping centers and full-scale redevelopments.

If you are interested in investing in a specific property or market, Team RESE will do the homework, providing current information and market data helping you make the right decisions.  We use our experience, landlord, tenant relationships and market data to provide accurate information and guide you through the decision making process.

If you are looking to transact in the real estate capital markets, our team of experts will guide you using extensive due diligence reporting and real-time market data, coupled with on-the-ground professionals who understand every aspect of real estate investment in their respective markets.

For short term or long term investments, we can help identify the most suitable opportunities in the market.  Our team will help establish values and assist in determining what you should pay to purchase or sell the property.   We also assist in future plans for the property, providing insight on the best use of the property.