Tenant Representation

What We Do . . .

Our team at Real Estate Southeast understands the importance of the right location and a smooth transaction for prospective tenants.   We provide full-service market analysis and transaction management for our clients.  Wearing both hats (landlord and tenant) helps us understand the client’s real estate requirements and business, financial, and operational objectives.  We recognize the needs of our client, study the market, identify the competition, and offer the best location opportunities.  Some of our clients include DaVita, Dunkin Donuts, Honey Baked Ham and Life Choice.

Market Strategy & Research

Our team surveys the market and identifies the best opportunities to leverage your tenancy to achieve maximum value and flexibility.  We evaluate unique opportunities, including off-market opportunities.  We utilize our relationships with landlords, brokers, and other tenants to present off-market opportunities, providing options and reducing the overall cost of the transaction.

Market and Property Analysis

We provide a standard market report that enables thorough comparison of all space options under consideration.  We create competition in the market among landlords so that your tenancy will result in the most competitive offer.  Our strategy leads to the most cost-effective, flexible, and functional occupancy solution.  Our methods take into account both current and long-term requirements.

The team at Real Estate Southeast provides decisive information and expert guidance to meet or exceed fiscal, workforce, and operational objectives, resulting in terms and conditions that are in our clients’ best interest.