Property Management

Real Estate Southeast offers professional asset management services that include full property management and accounting services.  Our exceptional team consists of a group of talented and dedicated professionals.  We are proactive problem solvers who handle all aspects of day to day property management, providing investors and tenants with positive results.  Utilizing Yardi Voyager, we provide streamlined property management and accounting services and offer detailed monthly reports and budgeting. Real Estate Southeast provides property management services that meet whatever our client’s specific needs are, from eyes and ears, to receivership, to full portfolio asset management services.

What We Do . . .

Our professional property management services create value by improving the condition and day-to-day operation of the property.

Initial Review & Preparation:  Our team reviews the property and market, evaluating general conditions, demographics, competition and market position, designing a plan best suited for the property, valuating current physical aspects of the property, and determining effective economic remedies.

roofProperty Management:  Our team provides hands-on management for daily operations and continued follow up to provide results and ensure investor goals are met.  Our property management services include:

  • Reviewing existing service contracts and soliciting new bids for comparison
  • Coordinating the asset repairs
  • Visiting the property on a regular basis to ensure it is well maintained
  • Maintaining continual and direct communication with tenants and vendors.
  • Responding to tenant requests and inquiries
  • Working closely with vendors and tenants to ensure work is completed in a satisfactory manner
  • Organizing and supervising construction to ensure projects are delivered on time
  • Evaluating the condition of the roof (yes, we climb ladders!), structure, and paved areas regularly.

Accounting Services and Financial Reporting: At Real Estate Southeast, we believe accurate accounting is critical to successful property management.  We provide complete, detailed, and accurate reports in connection with the management of the property.  Our accounting services include:

  • Preparing annual budgets
  • Collecting rent and handling delinquent tenants
  • Processing invoices and the payment of property expenses
  • Conducting year-end reconciliations of accounts
  • Providing streamlined information and accurate monthly reports by utilizing Yardi Voyager commercial property management software
  • Reviewing county tax bills and assisting with the tax appeal process